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The garden, the place where we usually have our greatest family memories, but it’s one of the hardest parts to keep clean and pretty from our house.

Picture this, a perfect colourful garden, no leaves on the ground in autumn, low maintenance, you have to clean it up once or twice a year, does that sound like your garden? We bet it doesn’t.

So since we love to make your life easier, sharing some tips and tricks, we have something lovely for you today, ready?

Drumroll before you read it, please, the best garden vacuum and leaf blowers reviews!

Having a good looking garden doesn’t have to be that hard.

1. BLACK+DECKER Blower Vacuum 36V- Best Overall

    • Weight: 998 g
    • Power: 36V 2.0Ah L-ion Battery
    • Type: Blower & Vacuum

With the first model BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L20-GB is the  best garden vacuum with blower function.

This brand is one of the most prestigious sellers of electrical appliances and tolls of all times, so we went over a lot of reviews on the internet and got that the performance of this garden hoover is stunning. But let us tell you why:

Depending on the task you´ll be able to adjust the intensity, this model has a variable speed for easy and challenging duties. So if you´re clearing up dry leaves, shouldn’t be necessary to use the maximum speed, unless you have a medium size patio and want to finish quickly.

This model has a 50L leaf collection system that will help to make the clear up easier.

One of the most significant benefits of getting this model is that it also helps to remove the dry or wet debris reducing its volume because of the high impact shredder and what’s better, you won’t have to empty the bag after you finish.

It also comes with a rack so you won`t have to bend over to get the hated wet leaves.

It is an ideal model for residencies with small and medium size patio due to the low noise levels, stop concerning about being noisy during your clean up time.

Key Features:

  • Durable Metal fan.
  • Variable blower speed.
  • Leaf collection system included.
  • High Impact shredder
  • 30% more suction power.
  • Adjustable handle positioning

2. Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum


  • Weight: 3.2kg for the blower, 4,4Kg for the vacuum.
  • Power: 2500W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Speed: 170-250 km/hr.

Last but not least, the Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum, with only two models and 300km blowing speed, this model promises to be incredible for your back yard cleaning, removing sticky, hated and wet leaves.

It has a long working time ideal for big patios, an adjustable handle to make the work easy, a shoulder strap to avoid fatigue or pain and it only weights 3.2kg blowing function and 4.4kg Vacuuming.

With a powerful 2500 motor, this garden vacuum has a 45-litre collection bag, easy to handle and to empty it; you’ll love t see your big garden pretty and colourful without many leaves on the ground, as we said before, at least for a week.

Differently, than the previous one, you`ll need to replace the tubes to get the blower or vacuum function, it is easy to disassemble and to the storage, with its compact design, you can use the same collection bag to keep the tubes together without needing much space.

We have shown you five different models, so it’s time for you to check the features and specifications of this one to make a better choice, remember, we always recommend you to buy the one that fit your needs best.

Key Features:

  • Useful for larger areas.
  • Very light to carry in any of its modes.
  • Two different function tubes.
  • Removable blower and Vacuum tubes, for compact storage.

3. VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower – 3000W Garden Vacuum

  • It Operates between 8000-14000 RPM.
  • 45-litre collection bag.
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power: 3000W
  • Weight: 4.8Kg

We want you to make a sage decision that’s why we always give you many options, so you can choose which one is best for your needs, so it’s the turn of the VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower – 3000W Garden Vacuum.

According to the description, this is an excellent choice to clean up any outdoor space because of its powerful motor (3000w), but we don’t just check the details, we also want to know how is the performance, so here is what we found:

It has variable speed, so it doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning dry leaves, wet leaves or even gravel, you`ll be able to the job pretty easy, and with comfort, you adjust the speed according to the task you need to do, and you’re ready to go.

Anti-Vibration damper with a rubberised handle for comfort, forget about getting arm pain or feeling fatigued after tidying up your front porch, say hi to a new way of clearing.

This garden hoover collects, sucks and mulch leaves and garden debris, it comes with a conversion system and multiple tubes for three different stages, and you can swap the attachments manually, no tools are necessary.

With a 45-litre collection bag this is perfect for medium and big patios, we also want to leave a thought from the manufacturer say: Make sure the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence.

Key features and Specifications:

  • Three in One electric leaf blower.
  • Variable Speed.
  • Mulching Feature.
  • Multiple tubes for different tasks.
  • Shoulder Strap for comfort.
  • Anti-Vibration Damper.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty.


4. WORX WG505E 3000W Trivac Garden Blower Mulcher

  • Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 54 x 25.6 x 39.8 cm
  • Power: 3000 watts
  • Speed: 210mph.

Just like the last one, our third model the WORX WG505E 3000W Trivac Garden Blower Mulcher & Vacuum has a three in one mode:

  • Blower: to get all the leaves together, pile them up and then you get them into a bag to put them away forever (or at least for a week).
  • Mulcher: is not the same sucking the leaves and gravel in its full size than mulching them before you put it into a bag, first, you won`t have to be cleaning the kit every 5 minutes, and second, you’ll empty the bag faster and more comfortable.
  • Vacuum: at the end, you only need to take this terrible garbage out of your garden.

This is a robust machine compare to the other ones that we have talked about, but it is actually just its look, it`s a lightweight garden vacuum, just 4.4kg excellent to control it with one hand.

You’ll be able to do the vacuuming with your right hand while having a beer on your left, that sounds like the right way to tidy your garden up.

This also has a strap for the collection bag, but there are two main differences between this one and the previous three, 7-speed settings for better performance and you won`t need to change the tubes to adjust the function.

Key Features:

  • Variable blower speed.
  • Leaf collection system included.
  • No conversion system, three modes in the same tube.
  • Shoulder Strap for comfort.

Garden Hoover Buying Guide

We have been talking about some technical words like power, MPH, CFM etc. And we know that when this is the first time buying a machine like this one, this might be a little complicated to understand, we all have our first time doing something new on our own, so we want to share some more information that will be useful to compare and buy a leaf blower.

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  • Air Flow Measurements for Leaf Blowers.

We will explain to you some important definitions that you need to know to have a better understanding of how those machines work.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM): this indicates how much the strength and power you’ll be using to clean your patio. It measures the quantity of air that comes out of the blower’s tube in one minute; it also refers to the space that you’ll be able to clear at the same time.

If the CFM increases, mean that the amount of air coming out of the tube increases and the area that you’re cleaning is more significant.

So when you see an adjustable power leaf blower, you’ll have the control to decide how much air do you need for specific tasks or spaces, the higher, the number the more area you’ll be able to clean because of the air volume coming out of the blower tube.

And the more space you’re able to clear, the less time the task will take.

Miles per hour (MPH): this indicates the velocity by which the air comes out of the tube in an hour, just like your car, if it’s going 10MPH will be slower than if you drive it at 25MPH.

Cubic Centimeters: This is the size and weight of the tool. Gives you an idea of the dimensions and if it is something that you can use easily without fatigue.

It is beneficial to see if using a specific tool will be easier than using another one, remember some things also depend on how handy you are.

Decibels (dB): this is about noise, the higher the number, the louder the tool, important when it comes to noise regulations or to see if a toll is for residential use or commercial use only.

  • CFM or MPH, Which one is more efficient?

Well, since we talked that CFM refers to air blowing capacity, you should know that the bigger the mouth of the blower, the bigger the volume of airflow, that means that the area that you`ll be cleaning will also be more extensive.

So even we might think that speed is better, it is not, we can blow more leaves in fifteen minutes with high power, and lower rate, than with lower power and more top speed.

We cover more space with air blowing (CFM) than with speed (MPH), that is why CFM is better.

  • What is a Good Leaf Blower CFM?

It depends on your needs, so we are going to divide this in for sizes:

Small gardens: for residential use, 200 to 400CFM should be enough to help you get the job done.

Medium gardens: this also works in residential, 400 to 700CFM will provide better performance for this task.

Large gardens: this is usually for bigger houses or commercial use, with a 3000CFM is ideal for significant areas.

Unfortunately, the higher the CFM number is, the higher the noise that the machine will do, so make sure to consider that before buying it, we don’t want you to get in any trouble for clearing your garden up.

  • Different Types of Leaf Blowers:

There are three main types of Leaf Blowers, let us listed them here:

  1. Handled Leaf Blower: with the very quiet advantage, those are excellent for small patios since the power comes between 200 and 400 CFM’s it is good with dry leaves and debris, and it’s lighter than the rest, you can easily have the task done with one hand.

Some of them come with a convenient variable blower speed, ideal for changing the CFM accordingly.

  1. Backpack leaf blowers: if you’re one of those detail-oriented handymen, this is your best option, excellent for medium patios without worrying about fatigue, arm or shoulder pain, like the name says it, you’ll carry a rucksack with comfort, the power of this one comes between 400 to 700CFM and very few can go up to 900.
  2. Walk-Behind leaf blowers: being a monster when it comes to leaf blowers with a 3000CFM, you’ll be able to clean spaces that you didn’t even know you have in your backyard, those are very noisy since they’re mighty, we do not recommend this one for residential use due to noise regulations.

After all those facts, we believe that you have enough information to make a wise decision.

We are sure that you’ll be very careful at the moment you buy your leaf blower and we trust that you will study your needs and you’ll take advantage of all the benefits, features and specifications of the model that better suits you.

And to finish, we want to leave some FAQ that we found on the internet:

  1. How many leaves will you be clearing up?

Well, this is that is measured by the space that you’ll be able to clean up more than the number of leaves that you’ll be picking up with your vacuum or blowing up with your blower, remember to pay attention to the CFM to see what’s the area capacity per minute.

  1. Mains, battery or petrol, which is best?

It depends on what you want but also on what you need.

Mains are cheaper but come with a cord that sometimes, is not large enough or easy to move.

Battery avoids the cord, but you only have 30 minutes tops of a working battery and using the low power.

Petrol you can go anywhere without worrying about a cord or a battery running time, but they’re noisy machines.

So this is about comfort and also about what you like the most.

  1. Do you want to pick up litter too?

If you’re talking about picking up debris or gravel, you’ll be able to do it with a vacuum and storage it in the collection bag until you finish the task.

If it’s about picking up the leaves, if you’re using the blowing mode, you can do it, but if you’re using the vacuum mode, you’ll be able to collect it into the collection bag that most of the time are very friendly and easy to empty.

We believe that you have all the necessary information to buy the best Garden Vacuum and Leaf blower now, we hope this article has been beneficial for you, if it was, don’t forget to like and share so we can continue helping you with simple but essential tasks of your day to day life.

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