Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK 2020

Cleaning the leaves at the front and back yard sounds like an easy and straightforward task to do.

We all love autumn because of its colours and smell, especially the kids when they’re playing in the garden, but it’s a love/hate situation when it comes to the leaves.

The time that takes us cleaning the garden matters, you’re not going to hate it that much. For that, you have to make the wisest decision at the moment you buy a garden vacuum, and that’s why we’re here to show you some reviews that will help you to pick the best option for your needs.

Cordless Leaf Blowers come in different presentations, weights and prices. They have standard features and advantages, but what we all want is to have some help during the cleaning time, so we gathered some reviews from people that already struggled to try to figure out which one to buy (just like you are right now) and thanks to them we got the Top 5 Recommended Cordless Leaf Blower in the UK.


1. Bosch ALB 36 LI Cordless Leaf Blower

Bosch ALB 36 LI


  • Weight: 4 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 cm
  • Battery voltage: 36
  • Speed: 170-250 km/hr

The first model we are going to show you is the Bosch ALB 36 LI Cordless Leaf Blower. It has an ergonomic design that makes it very light to carry giving you the advantage of moving around without feeling arm fatigue.

It helps you to quickly get the job done faster, forgetting about how you used to do it with a rake that took a long time that you can use to rest or enjoy it with your family.

With the Bosch ALB 36 LI Cordless Leaf Blower model you’re able to change the blower speed so if you’re working with wet leaves you won’t have a hard time to clean them up, you just adjust the speed to its maximum 250km/hr and voila!, make a pile and put them in a bag.

It comes with a rechargeable 36V lithium-ion battery that you can use for up to 35 minutes, enough time to clean a small or medium garden, and the charge time is only 1 hour and a half so you can use it any time you want or need it.

It another useful feature is that comes with a removable blower, so you won’t need much space to keep its storage at home, this battery leaf blower has very positive reviews from different happy users so if you’ve tried it you can leave some comments and tips to use it so out friends.

Now we will go over some key features and specifications so you can have a better idea of this model.

Key features:

  • Reasonable price.
  • Light to carry.
  • Variable blower speed.
  • Rechargeable Battery included.
  • Removable blower tube.
  • Compact Storage.


2. VonHaus Cordless Leaf Blower 20V Max

VonHaus Cordless Leaf Blower


  • Weight: 1.85kg.
  • One lithium-ion battery.
  • Battery Voltage: 20.

The VonHaus Cordless Leaf Blower 20V Max is a powerful battery leaf blower that comes with a very compact design and is perfect if you are the owner of a small garden. At 1.85 kg, it is impressively lightweight, so you could have fun making this a parent/kid task on a weekend afternoon and move around to clean the leaves off your front or back yard.

According to most of the reviews over the web, this is the perfect leaf blower for residential use because the noise is very low, none of us wants to wake up our neighbour or neighbour’s newborn from their power nap on a Sunday afternoon when cleaning up, right?

This leaf blower has a flat design and is visually different from the others, but it has some beneficial features like its soft grip rubber handle that makes it comfortable and easy to carry.
Remember, comfort is essential at the moment we do some serious house cleaning, we don’t want to stop in the middle of the clearing up because we got some blisters, fatigue or any other uncomfortable feeling in our hands after a simple task like this one.

The rechargeable battery of this cordless leaf blower needs one hour of charge time only, and even that offers just 15 minutes of non-stop blowing, it rapidly cleans up the leaves and debris from your short garden, this is a minimal model, and it’s even smaller when you remove the blower tube for convenient storage so you can keep it handy.

Key Features:

  • Inexpensive than other models.
  • Very light to Carry.
  • Rechargeable Battery (Not Included).
  • Removable blower tube.
  • Compact Storage.
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty.


3. WORX WG518E Air Turbine Corded Leaf Blower



  • Weight: 4.3 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 46.2 x 24.8 x 28 cm

The WORX WG518E Cordless Air Turbine Blower is a cordless leaf blower that comes with a Dynamic Air Flow, Turbine Fan and Variable Speeds.

It allows you to clean different types of surfaces, either it’s the garden full of leaves or the sidewalk in front of your house, you’ll be able to tidy them up without any problem.

If you have a big house with an enormous, beautiful garden, this is the ideal battery operator blower for you, due to the 2 speed fan system, this powerful tool will help you to have the job done just in a few minutes, depending on the area that you are clearing up, you decide which speed you need to set, you can do this at the same time you’re cleaning up, it’s a one-handed design, so you don’t have to worry about stopping to adjust it, you can do it on the go.

One of the advantages that we can mention from this model is the Dynamic Air Flow, this allows the blower get more air and move it quicker helping you to save time, while the Turbine Fan generates the airflow and it also has an ergonomic design so even it looks big, it feels pretty light, it only weighs 4.3 Kg.

With rechargeable batteries you’ll be able to use it for half an hour if you choose the low power, if you’re doing a massive task and need to use the maximum power, it’ll last about 10 minutes, so use it wisely because with great skills comes great responsibilities.

Key Features:

  • Useful for large areas.
  • Very light to Carry.
  • Two Rechargeable Batteries (Included).
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty.


4. DEWALT DCM562P1-GB 18V Li-Ion XR Brushless



  • Weight: 4.9 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 59.6 x 38.2 x 19.6 cm
  • Battery voltage: 18

The DEWALT DCM562P1-GB 18V Li-Ion XR Brushless Cordless Blower is another cordless blower that can help you to have a clean and beautiful garden, unlike the other three that we already spoke about, this tool has a powerful brushless motor that maintains a consistent blow rate of 90mph, ideal for small or medium outdoor places and residential use.

It has a compact and quiet design, so you won’t have to worry about being a noisy neighbour or bothering your local friends with a very loud machine. Your relatives won’t even notice that you woke up on a Sunday morning to clean up the ground until they see it clean. They’ll be surprised!

With an 18V Lithium-ion rechargeable Battery and extended runtime, you’ll be able to use it for about 20 minutes non-stop, time enough to change the look of your back or front yard from a vacant lot to a real family garden, amazing.

Its design makes it look like a large and heavy tool, but it isn’t, it only weighs 4.9Kg, according to many reviews this model is friendly, easy to use and it reduces the fatigue, shoulder and arm pain that usually happens when you use those tools for a long time.

But don’t run to buy it, we’re still missing one more model, but first, we invite you to check the Key Features and Specifications for this one, the more information you get, the better decision you make.

Key Features:

  • Useful for small and medium areas.
  • Very light to Carry.
  • One Rechargeable Battery (Included).


5. Bosch ALB 18 LI Cordless Leaf Blower with 18 V

Bosch ALB 18 LI


  • Weight: 1.8 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 cm
  • Battery voltage: 18

Last but not least, the Bosch ALB 18 LI Cordless Leaf Blower with 18 V 2.5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, the lightest battery-operated leaf blowers of all the ones that we presented to you today.
At 1.8Kg, this leaf blower will make your cleaning up time very productive, with a soft-grip handle and minimal vibration you’ll be very comfortable to use it at any working position.

So, if you have any hand, shoulder or back injury, this might be a good option for you, or if you want to give some responsibilities to the kids and ask them to help you with the cleaning, this could also be an easy and fun task to do.

I believe that you already learned that you don’t have to judge a book by its cover. So, don’t let this little cool trick you, even it looks small; it comes with an 18V battery power that makes it very powerful.

On top of that, it has a variable speed of up to 210km/h, this is perfect when you have some wet leaves, they’re tough to blow, so forget about using a rake or bending over to pick up those rebel leaves.

Another important thing about them, blowing time, this small garden vacuum can work 15 minutes without any interruption, but that’s not it, it’s accessible to the storage, it has a detachable blower tube and low noise levels, sounds like an excellent addition to your gardening equipment huh?

Key Features:

  • Useful for small and medium areas.
  • Very light to Carry.
  • One Rechargeable Battery (Included).
  • Removable blower tube.
  • Compact Storage.


How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower or Garden Vacuum?

So here it comes the hard part of this, we gave you some reviews of 5 Leaf blowers, but, which should you choose?

Well, we have some tips for you to consider and that will help you make the wisest choice.

The size of your garden: remember that we showed you a Garden Vacuum that is perfect for larger patios? So in this case, the size matters and this is the most important thing that you have to take into consideration.

If you want to do the cleaning only once a week, choose a tool powerful enough to do it in the first 15 minutes of usage, now if you don’t mind doing it daily, you can get a small one and not so powerful to complete this.

Blowing time: If you have a small garden, 10 minutes of blowing time could be enough. However, if it’s a larger one you might need more than 15 minutes to complete this task, so think this wisely, you won’t like to stop the cleaning up in the middle of your backyard, putting the battery to charge and then start all over again because you’ll see new leaves on the ground. Not a pretty picture, we know.

Power: this is almost the same that the time if you have a small patio, it’s probably not necessary for you to get a very powerful garden vacuum, but if you have a big one, you might want to consider the most powerful one.

Price: Expensive is not the same than quality, some of the options that we have shown you today are not expensive at all, and they’re outstanding gardening options, so take a look at the features and at the tips above, before purchasing something valuable that might not work as you wish.

Now, every time to make any purchase, you have to take into consideration your needs, we will leave some questions that you can ask yourself before you make a choice:

What type of garden do I have?

How long do I need to use it in every cleaning session?

Do I need it very powerful? Yes, or No and Why?

What is my budget?

Remember if a small leaf blower does the job, why buying a big one?


So, we hope that this article helps you to make the decision and choose the best option for you, we had to do a lot of research to give you the best and the most accurate information for each model.

If you have any questions leave a comment and we will happy to help, if you have ever used any of those, leave your detailed review and let’s help the community members that have been struggling to buy one to choose the right garden vacuum to add it to their gardening equipment collection.


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